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Do you want your voice to be heard?

A conversation is not made up of one voice. That’s why Gorm is always looking for new voices to contribute to our site - we want to hear your unique perspective on the issues we face.

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1. The Topics

As our mission is to unify across differences, our featured articles focus on the following topics:

  • Culture, Race & Ethnicity 

  • Sex, Sexuality & Gender 

  • Popular Culture

  • Politics & Religion

  • Mental Health & Disability

2. The Pitch

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If you’re interested in writing for us (voluntary basis), email your pitches to our editor, Eilis Walsh at

Here are some easy guidelines to start your pitch:

  • Subject line: “Pitch(es) for Gorm Media”

  • Email body:

    • Headline idea(s)

    • 2-3 sentence description of your proposed article(s)

    • Any specific details or numbers pertaining to your story

    • Why you’re the best person to write this article

  • If you’re sending multiple pitches at once, please number them for easier communication!

Looking for an excellent example of a pitch? Click here

Tips for Writing a good Gorm article!

1. Be true to you

Everyone has a story to tell, your story must be true to you and only you! 

2. Disagree with Respect

Every topic has different perspectives and disagreements may arise. We are open to different sides of a story as long as we remain respectful and open to diverse perspectives.

2. Own your Privilege

We all have privileges, and it is important to reflect on them in your piece. 

4. Think Critically

Reflect on other perspectives, viewpoints and thought patterns to show the reader that you have really thought through your article. 

5. Write what you would read

Be open, funny, smart, witty and honest. Stories that allow us to come together and openly engage with each other have the stories we can all read. 

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