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YOUnifier of the Month #3 - Treasa Cadogan

Welcome back to YOUnifier of the Month. At the start of every month we will be putting a focus on someone who is using their voice to unify across social, cultural, and political divisions. IKnow someone doing just that? Get in touch to nominate them - email

I came across Treasa while researching youth activists in Ireland. She caught my eye, not only for the fact that she is currently a United Nations Youth Delegate from 2021 to 2022, but the wide scope of projects and issues she is bringing into focus.

Treasa has recently completed studies in International Development and Food Policy in UCC and co-founded the UCC Fighting World Hunger Coalition. The initiative aims to create awareness and action around affordable and nutritious food on campus. She is a Youth Ambassador for the ONE campaign, which is an international movement that seeks an end to extreme poverty and disease. The movement works to lobby governments to take responsibility to poverty with a focus on Africa.

Treasa hails from Cape Clear, an island off the coast of Co Cork, a Gaeltacht area. There she co-founded the Cape Clear Farmers market with an aim to support farmers and their small businesses, and products and to encourage consumers to support local, buy local, sustainably produced products.

In March of this year, Treasa sat in on the first Youth Assembly on Climate, which took place online and is made up of 30 delegates. She is also a staff member of the Rural Youth Project, a research project that wishes to faciliate the involvement of young people in agricultural and rural activities by understanding better their challenges, opportunities and goals.

She seems to be one busy lady! I for one look forward to seeing what Treasa does next! You can keep up to date with her via Twitter.

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