This is "Them" Pilot!

Gorm Media is delighted to present This is “Them”, an online series that sees through the lens of people from 5 different backgrounds in Ireland, taking place across 5 weeks on Youtube Premiere from 25th October – 22nd November 2021.

Gorm Media is an impact focused digital media platform that curates common ground through conversations that matter. Their mission is to spark a movement of unity and shared understanding through high quality digital media that captures the nuances, stories and experiences of our community.

In a new innovative approach to digital media, This is “Them” takes 16 Gen Zs and Millennials aged 18-35 from various communities who will be answering the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Shot in the Belltable Hub in Limerick City and starting from the 25th of October 2021 to 22nd November 2021, Gorm will deliver the online series to debunk stereotypes, answers your awkward questions and adds nuance to the experiences of young Autistic Women, Muslim Women, People with Mixed-Heritages, Black People & Queer Men.

Streaming free on Youtube Premiere, we encourage those both within and outside these community groups to join in understanding the experience of those taking part in the series and ask more questions. We believe that in open communication, transformation can happen if we see each other for who we all fundamentally are, humans worthy of dignity and respect.

Photo by Ross Flaherty & Conor Owens.

To produce this pilot, Gorm has partnered with Klink Studios and was partially funded by the UL Foundation Social Innovation Award.

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