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Our Strategic Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board comprises of 6 experts and leaders working in various industries such as social innovation, media, academia and advertising. These leaders have volunteered  to help shape the strategic goals and outcomes, and steer the social mission of Gorm Media.

Clodagh O'Rielly

Founder, Social Enterprise Solutions

Clodagh O'Reilly is a PhD candidate in the field of social enterprise, researching specifically the process of scaling a social enterprise. She has over 15 years experience in the not for profit and social enterprise sector both in Ireland and abroad in a wide range of areas from community development, youth justice to creative arts. 
Having been involved in social enterprise leadership for several years, Clodagh recognises the value of the work and is passionate about the role social enterprise can play in the future of Ireland.


Stha Banks

Advertising & Sales Manager, Meta

Stha Banks is a Sales Manager, GBG Mid-Market, UK & Ireland in Meta. With 14 years of experience in advertising Stha has delivered award-winning campaigns with local and international brands, developed processes; best practice frameworks; doubled her teams & drove strong revenue growth during the most challenging times. Stha also served as Board Director of the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) until January 2022, where she had led the diversity, equality and inclusion projects such as the first-ever industry Global DEI Census in the marketing and advertising world.

Amory B. Schwartz 

Founder, North American Sports Network (NASN)

Amory B. Schwartz is an American with nearly 30 years of experience in international media business development, concentrating on television and digital media.He has developed and created millennial-focused products for industry veterans from Lionsgate, MTV and Fox that have reached more than 200 million customers on six continents.

JD Buckley

CEO, Sky Ireland

JD Buckley is Chief Executive Officer of Sky Ireland and has led the Irish business since 2012. JD is responsible for Sky’s consumer and media divisions, driving the growth of the overall business and leading a team of 1,000 employees in Ireland.

JD has extensive management experience having held senior roles with international mobile operator, Digicel, and as a strategy consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Anne Roper

Executive Producer 

Anne Roper is a TV Executive Producer, Director, Broadcaster & Documentary Maker. For the last 25 years, Anne as acted as an Executive Producer for RTÉ where her work and ideas have featured ongoing social issues in Ireland. She also acts as an independent assessor for the Broadcast Authority of Ireland.

Pablo de Tezanos-Pinto

Lecturer, University of Limerick

Dr. Pablo de Tezanos-Pinto is a Lecturer in Psychology, Faculty of Education and Health Sciences at the University of Limerick, Ireland; researcher of the Center for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies, Chile (COES).

His research focuses on the consequences of contextual levels of social integration, such as those in a particular neighbourhood or classroom, and how people may establish and maintain meaningful relationships across lines of social differences.

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